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Unite the future

10 декабря 2019

Dubai, UAE

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More than forum

Blockchain day Emirates – is an event that brings together the world’s leading visionaries, innovators, and thinkers to explore new ways to put smart technologies and blockchain solutions for everyday life.

for everyone

Blockchain day Emirates is created with expressing hope for further collaborations with forward-thinking countries like Emirates, Netherlands, Singapore, China, South Korea, Switzerland, Estonia, Ukraine and others, cooperating in setting up projects, exchanging information and cross-testing each other’s prototypes.


The program combines sessions full of keynote talks, fireside chats and panels, with next concurrent tracks on: Business and Finance, Government Services, the Energy Sector, Technical Developments.

Blockchain day Emirates

The Goal of Blockchain DAY is to lead the global thoughts and create innovative industry for networking and stimulating debate and discussions around the most pressing and controversial issues surrounding the adoption of blockchain technology on a worldwide level.

Real estate
blockchain ecosystem

Projects related to this research area are aimed to take into count the economic, social and institutional environment within which the real estate projects evolve. The concept of real estate ecosystem, which differs from the concepts of industrial cluster and competitiveness clusters, is useful for the evolution of interactions and interdependencies understanding between different real estate actors in large cities and for measuring the impacts of their activities on social, cultural, heritage and economic development. It can be useful for private and public decision makers.

We will refer to the analysis of changes in the quality of life conditions of urban citizens:

  • Economic and social conditions of individuals,
  • impact on housing quality,
  • infrastructure quality,
  • neighborhood vitality,
  • the resilience of buildings and infrastructure, or the increased vulnerability of each population facing the phenomenon of densification of cities, facing climatic risks and major risks, notably natural, industrial disasters.

Blockchain technology in the electricity and energy sector

Developing the use cases and the platforms using blockchain technology in the electricity and energy sector.

  • From trans-active energy to supply chain management.
  • The state of blockchain in the electricity market, including the main players, top applications and actual project deployments.
  • Monetizing Data in Blockchain.
  • How DERs (Decentralize energy resources) are changing the energy markets and how blockchain could enable a distribution-level marketplace.

Smart sustainable
cities and strategies

Smart economy, smart people, smart mobility, smart living, smart enviro, smart government.

  • The case of Dubai
  • The case of Seoul
  • The case of China
  • The case of the Netherlands
  • The case of Estonia
  • The case of Singapore

Healthcare Innovation Through Blockchain

  • Lessons that healthcare can learn from other industries’ use of blockchain.
  • Using blockchain to facilitate health information exchange and interoperability.
  • Building a patient-centered health IT infrastructure using blockchain.

Blockchain and Fintech Ecosystem

  • Explosive Growth of FinTech
  • Opportunities to Scale Current
  • Future Landscape
  • Key Drivers of FinTech in Dubai
  • Key Trends in FinTech
  • Beyond Payments: FinTech Forays
  • FinTech Going Global

The blockchain effect: behavioral economy in adopting blockchain

Tech companies must prepare to disrupt themselves — again — as blockchain could impact everything from cybersecurity to vertical software, massively distributed computing, the sharing economy and the Internet of Things (IoF).

  • Achieving the vision.
  • Preparing for critical mass.
  • What’s next?


Business breakfast

It’s a fantastic opportunity to find out how you and your workforce can start doing things differently and begin to implement positive change in your business. We will focus on how to prepare for and manage blockchain made change in your business in order to grow and succeed.

30 Speakers Showcases and case studies Panel Discussions Speed mentoring Tech market Engagement networking Afterparty
Networking Afterparty

BD Networking can help you identify opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures, or new areas of expansion for your business. Sharing knowledge and experience: networking use for expanding your knowledge by taking advantage of the viewpoints and prior experience of others.


The program of the forum covers the most current fields of knowledge

The next few years will define Dubai’s journey to become a global powerhouse of innovation, supported by several government efforts that are driving the industry to the next stage of growth — from the roll-out of ultra-fast 5G mobile internet networks in 2019, to the announcement of the Dubai Blockchain Strategy, which aims to move half of all government transactions to the blockchain by 2021 — and we will talk about leveraging of these opportunities in partnership with other progressive blockchain representatives from other countries.
We have worked so closely with the world leading Blockchain consultants to build the most diverse agenda and unparalleled event format to create a platform for all Blockchain enthusiasts.
We have been working carefully to select variety of the finest and most innovative ICO startups to be launched exclusively at Blockchain day Emirates where founders and CEO’s can present their business models directly to the investors.
The event is hosting some of the most innovative Blockchain solutions and the most advanced Blockchain platforms from every sector such as smart governments, finance, exchange, healthcare, supply chain and more.

Blockchain day Emirates is:


Listen to the latest crypto-currency and blockchain developments from the industry’s leading minds and core developers


Meet like-minded professionals from around the world, brainstorm, share ideas and socialize in an inspiring setting and atmosphere


Expand your professional network by socializing with other professionals and business leaders in the field of blockchain technology


Explore new exciting partnership possibilities with other professionals, companies or organizations in blockchain and fintech


See blockchains in action – watch live demonstrations, meet our sponsors and visit the exhibitors’ booths


Take a break from everyday work at a picturesque location, relax, network and return back with sharpened skills and fresh idea


Present yourself and your company at the world biggest platform, that unites blockchain experts and Top-advisers from all over the world!



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