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Trust the future

September 29, 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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More than forum

Blockchain Day Netherlands is specially created to show strengthens position as European Innovation Leader in new technologies and blockchain sphere.


Netherlands’ Blockchain pilots are used to map the possibilities of the technology, and many prototypes have already been created while the first projects have already been implemented. Both industry and government currently want and support synergy between their initiatives, to facilitate the flexible use of technology and to consolidate and share the lessons learned.

for everyone

The Netherlands is the best possible place in the world for starting, growing and internationalizing blockchain business, and is the number one gateway to the rest of Europe.

Blockchain day Netherlands

Your eye into the future


Let's work with companies to develop strategic approaches to implement blockchain technologies, build Proof of Concepts, and translate new developments into use cases and novel approaches.


During one day of hard work you will learn about the impact that blockchain have specifically on you. You will figure out your role in the ecosystem, find out what you can do and how, and you will make useful connections and actually pre-seed to do business.


Shared data with IOT


Energy Management

Smart technologies / Smart city

Social Impact

Your industry

Featured discussion:

  • Regulatory Threats & Opportunities
  • Blockchain and the Future of Banking
  • Proof of Concept
  • Impact of Blockchain Technology in Private and Public Sector
  • Benefits of Smart Contracts


Blockchain Day Netherlands, created by Amazing Event Machine, will provide a unique space that can host a unique experience where invitees can understand, learn and experience the future together with 200+ handpicked key players from startups to CEO’s, from government decision makers to leading blockchain entrepreneurs, from investors to scientists and politicians. We will dive into the future of trust, crystalize a collective understanding towards clear use cases and pre-sort for a whole new season of building prototypes and doing business.


We invite you to see diversity of blockchain future. Learn from case studies of existing Blockchain implementations across key sectors to recognize conditions for effective Blockchain implementation. Business and Finance, Government Services, the Energy sector, Technical Developments and a special session will be dedicated to game changing ICOs.


Business breakfast

It’s a fantastic opportunity to find out how you and your workforce can start doing things differently and begin to implement positive change in your business. We will focus on how to prepare for and manage blockchain made change in your business in order to grow and succeed.

30 Speakers Panel Discussions Innovative panel discussions Showcases and case studies Tech market Networking LIVE panel discussions broadcasting
Networking Afterparty

BD Networking can help you identify opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures, or new areas of expansion for your business. Sharing knowledge and experience: networking use for expanding your knowledge by taking advantage of the viewpoints and prior experience of others.


The caliber and diversity of our attendees, whether it’s speakers, investors, or policymakers means that there will be ample opportunity to discuss, collaborate, learn, and explore untapped investment opportunities.


The program of the forum covers the most current fields of knowledge


Panel discussion

The Netherlands 2020 - Global Challenges, Startup success


Challenge to adoption Blockchain and its application for the FinTech sector


Show case

Future adoption ways


Blockchain - Creating the future of digital identification


Show case

Interactions through AI and generating real-time anonymize data via Blockchain


Coffee Break


Fireside chat

Smart city strategy: 101 insight of Dubai' way


From Lab to Production

Growing pains in Smart technologies with blockchain


Show case

Underlying logic of Blockchain — the true potential for a digital re-awakening


Building decentralized energy solutions using blockchain


Show case

Creating a smarter grid and exploring the potential for changing systems in energy transactions


Coffee Break


Taking the lead

An insight from Government's leadership and Partnership strategy


Show case

The story of Blockchain is the story of a persistent human quest for trust


Panel discussion

The Netherland at the World Blockchain roadmap: international cooperation for world impact


Networking Afterparty

The Netherlands 2020 - Global Challenges, Startup success

Through pilot projects, ministries, municipalities and implementing organizations examine the scope of application of blockchain for their fields of work. 40 pilots have already been set up. A large number of prototypes have been developed. For instance, the Healthcare Institute, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate, the Ministry of Finance, and various municipalities built prototypes and smart contracts.
(*Source: www.blockchainpilots.nl)

We will try to look at three key areas in order to address whether blockchain can be adapted nationwide for the benefit of the country with its potential.

The Netherland at the World Blockchain roadmap: international cooperation for world impact

The Dutch government is working on the development of blockchain services and applications. Pilots are used to map the possibilities of the technology, and many prototypes have already been created while the first projects have already been implemented. In addition, work is being done on shaping the collaboration with other countries and international organizations. We will take an overview of the progress and roadmap of blockchain.


Present yourself and your company at the world biggest platform, that unites blockchain experts and Top-advisers from all over the world!



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Trust the future

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