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From past to the future

October 15, 2019

Kyiv, Ukraine / NSC Olimpiyskiy

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Ukrainian Blockchain Day will unite the world blockchain technology leaders and crypto market leaders at the main cultural and sport arena of the country.

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Discover how to turn disruptive Blockchain technologies into tools for transformation and leadership. Learn to assess impact, select a use-case and develop the right tools for scalable impact.

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Together, we will analyze contests and specifics of the 2017 years’ market, will discuss the latest trends and changes in 2018 and will build the development strategy for 2019 in the various blockchain fields.

Ukrainian blockchain day

Prepare to dive into the future story with practical background

2017 was the year of bitcoin. 2018 is the year of blockchain and smart contracts. Will 2019 bring mass adoption?


Last year was a big year for blockchain technology. We will look at the most important developments and milestones in the Blockchain and Bitcoin ecosystem and beyond in 2017.

  • Bitcoin Price Surges
  • Ethereum Ecosystem Explodes
  • ICO Funding Takes Off
  • The significant diversity of market
  • Bitcoin Uncertainty


What we're witnessing in 2018 is crypto finally gaining long-overdue recognition by businesses, state authorities and the financial world - most importantly, by respected traditional banking and fintech institutionsю

  • Who are the leaders of the market?
  • What markets are still free and will need development of blockchain instruments?


  • How will two worlds — traditional banking and crypto — coexist frictionlessly?
  • How will the user experience, wallet management and other key factors influence the usability of blockchain?
  • Will decentralized applications need to focus on their user experience and will the ecosystem needs to invite designers, product thinkers and researchers into the field?
* The speeches are built in theoretical (40 min) and practical (20 min) way


Business breakfast

It’s a fantastic opportunity to find out how you and your workforce can start doing things differently and begin to implement positive change in your business. We will focus on how to prepare for and manage blockchain made change in your business in order to grow and succeed.

30 Speakers 3 blocks 2 stages Showcases and case studies Panel Discussions Speed mentoring Tech market Engagement networking Afterparty
Networking Afterparty

BD Networking can help you identify opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures, or new areas of expansion for your business. Sharing knowledge and experience: networking use for expanding your knowledge by taking advantage of the viewpoints and prior experience of others.


The main cultural and sport arena of the country, National Sports Complex Olimpiyskiy will be filled by the energy and drive of the world experts: on October 15, 2019, this platform will turn into a place of power, where revolutionary business ideas are born and a community of openminded people is formed. Are you ready for deeds for your own business?

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Present yourself and your company at the world biggest platform, that unites blockchain experts and Top-advisers from all over the world!



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From past to the future

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