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Referral program
Blockchain Day Online

Invite your friends and earn from 10% to 20% per deal

Step 1


Buy a ticket and start making money

Step 2

Get your referral link

Copy the link and send it to your friends and people you know

Step 3

Invite your friends

The more users register for your referral link, the more money you will receive!

Step 4

Receive a commission – 10-20% per deal

When your friend registers with this link and pays for participation in the Blockchain Day Online conference, we will pay you 10-20% of the cost of his participant package


Frequently asked questions

What is a referral program?

This is a kind of partner program where, under your recommendation, people buy tickets for the Blockchain Day Online conference. With each participant who used your referral link, you get a reward of 20%.

Referral link is …?

This is a unique link that you receive when you register into the referral program. Send this link to colleagues, friends, acquaintances and receive a 20% reward for each purchased participation package.

Where can I track the number of purchased packages with my referral link?

After registering on the website, all of the necessary information will be displayed in your personal account.

How can I use my reward?

After the conference is over, within 2 weeks your referral reward will be sent to your electronic wallet *.
* The minimum withdrawal amount is $100

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