Just like you have apps for practically everything these days, you can get legit Bitcoin apps that will allow you to earn Bitcoins on a daily basis. The Bitcoin revolution is here to stay and as more and more people show an active interest in cryptocurrencies, the popularity of Bitcoin earning apps has also soared. Bitcoin strikes a chord with investors because it is decentralized and free from government control. It is anonymous because transactions between parties remains discreet and it price is based on speculation. Bitcoin Trader is a legit Bitcoin apps that serves the purpose of trading easily. Check this review https://kryptomoney.com/bitcoin-trader-review/ for clear information. Here are some of the more popular legit Bitcoin apps today:

  1. Blockfolio: For individuals who are used to handling Bitcoins and want an app for keeping a tab on their investments, Blockfolio can be useful. Blockfolio keeps you informed when certain crypto coins have attained a specific limit. It will also tell you which cryptocurrencies are available so that you can stay updated with everything that is new in the crypto world. More and more investors are using the Blockfolio now and it is being accepted by reputed online trade platforms like Hargreaves Landsdown. This app works like a go-to checker for its users and is easy to use because of a simple design. You can enter your crypto holdings manually and this is why it may not be well-suited for traders who keep shifting between coins. But for the rest, it is most convenient because once you have set it; you can sit back and relax. You will find this app on both iPhone and Android phones.
  2. Bitcoin Checker: This is a legit Bitcoin app for exclusively Android users and is a smart neat widget that you can resize for displaying any crypto coin from any exchange. The app will let you check arbitrage opportunities by helping you monitor Bitcoins across different crypto exchanges. You can even use the app to track altcoins in lesser-known exchanges.
  3. Coin Tracking: This Bitcoin app will analyze your trades; produce real-time reports of your losses and gains, realized or unrealized gains, tax reports, value of coins, etc. You can view the prices of almost 8688 assets and this ensures that you have a comprehensive overview before you trade. Coin Tracking is meant for serious crypto traders. It will generate pie charts for your portfolio so that you can calculate a variety of metrics. You can find this as an app on both Android and iPhone.
  4. Coinbase: This remains one of the most user-friendly, legit Bitcoin earning apps till date. You can use the app for transferring money from your bank accounts to the Coinbase wallet directly. This platform had been launched in 2012 and lets you sell or buy Bitcoins, as well as other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. You can access a convenient dashboard where you can view price alerts to keep a tab on your assets. Security is guaranteed through password lock mechanism and multi-factor authentication. If you want to trade Bitcoin on your own through automated trading apps like immediate profit, it is recommended that you execute immediate profit test prior to using it.
  5. Earn.com: This legit Bitcoin app can be found both in iOS and Android. It allows you to earn cryptocurrencies for doing specific tasks and answering messages. So, you can get paid in Bitcoins for answering emails. While this may sound surreal, it is completely legit. However, to be able to earn anything you must be a known influencer, someone whose wisdom is being sought by the cryptocurrency community.