All that you want to know about cryptocurrencies, mining and blockchain technologies

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More than forum

There is not a boring meeting. There is a community platform for everyone who is ready to share knowledge about the blockchain technologies and to build a new future.

for everyone

It does not matter where do you live and what do you do. It does not matter if you already have your own business or work for hire or if you are in search of your business - we are waiting for you at the main blockchain event of the year. Join our community, united by the idea of the continuous development. Start to create your future with us.

The best

At the forum you could see the strongest blockchain experts from all around the world. Their ideas are able to change the world.

Blockchain day Russia

The program of the forum covers the most actual areas of knowledge:

1st block of the chain

- what is the blockchain, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and why they will change the future

2nd block of the chain

- how to earn on investing in the cryptocurrencies and other tokens
- how to implement blockchain to your own business
- how to bring your company to the ICO

3rd block of the chain

- about mining, hardware, and how to make money on it
- about trading on the crypto-exchange markets
- about signals, funds and hidden opportunities

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Blockchain day Russia is the concentrated crypto society, without the random persons. 2000 blockchain enthusiasts, aimed at the productive cooperation, will be gathered in one Hall. You can meet new people, communicate with the experts, share the experience to find new friends, customers and partners with the same values as yours.


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Мировые блокчейн эксперты наполнят Концертный Холл "Мир" своей энергией и драйвом: эта площадка превратится в место силы, где рождаются революционные бизнес-идеи и формируется сообщество единомышленников, готовых на подвиги во имя своего дела.

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Представьте свою компанию среди ТОП экспертов отрасли, инвесторов, а также вашей целевой аудитории. Не упустите возможность обрести новых клиентов, ценные знакомства и связи на крупнейшем блокчейн форуме страны – Blockchain Day Russia.


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All that you want to know about cryptocurrencies, mining and blockchain technologies