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Day 2
Kyiv 16:00 (GMT+3)
New York 9:00 (GMT-7)
Tokyo 22:00 (GMT+9)
Initial Coin Offering or Initial Community Offering? Responsible Advisers and Ethical ICO

ICO market is going in a quite alarming direction. That’s why the value of a professional advisor will be drastically increasing, which means that blockchain startups really need to be more cautious when choosing a person who is to pave the way into the project expansion. An advisor’s role is directing the company in terms of economic, legal, technological, marketing and PR concerns being some kind of an evangelist of the platform.

Curiously, along with ‘real’ advisors there is another type — those who would gladly agree to place their photo on your website, yet you will hardly get any piece of real advice from them. Oh yeah, they will charge a lot of money for that photo too.

Moreover, when the project load gets higher, it’s getting harder to distinguish between a good one and a bad one, that’s probably why some of popular advisors are risking getting involved in crappy ICOs with no real product underneath.

People are more important than the product you’re building. Or income and fast money are putting onto the first place?

We will discuss it. What you choose is entirely up to you.

The panel will also try to answer the following questions:

  • What do you consider an indication of ethics when researching an ICO?
  • ICO advisors do not want that new experts would come to this industry?
  • False myths about what ICO advisor should and should not do:
    • This includes claiming that big client portfolio is bad for advisor
    • Is advisor needs to be a popular personality in crypto world in order to be an advisor
    • Is it ICO advisors job to look for investors?
  • Would you agree or disagree that a product being finished prior to fundraising is more ethical than fundraising for a project that is merely a whitepaper and an idea? How does this affect the reputation of the adviser and projects?
  • Where are the boundaries of duties and responsibilities of the adviser?
  • Adviser-avatar and his benefits for the project
Day 3
Kyiv 16:00 (GMT+3)
New York 9:00 (GMT-7)
Tokyo 22:00 (GMT+9)
Building blockchain ecosystems: technology & region wise

Blockchain technology develops at breakneck speed, generating new companies and projects. With blockchain we receive the ability to work out a single truth, with which everyone agrees, without the help of intermediaries or central authorities.

The technical side of Blockchain Ecosystem consists of cryptocurrencies (base layer protocols, payments, privacy), developer tools (projects are used by developers as the building blocks for decentralized applications), fintech (trading, insurance, lending, funds/investment management), sovereignty (user-controlled internet, governance, vpn, communication, identity, security), value exchange (non-fungible: content monetization, data, marketplaces, social; fungible: file storage, computation, mesh networking, energy), shared data (internet of things, supply chain/logistics, attribution, reputation, content curation), authenticity (data, ticketing) and takeaways.

Besides the technology, there are hotspots in different places of the world created to attract stakeholders, have good legal & tax legislation. These hotspots create a playground for innovation in this new space.

The decentralized nature of blockchain, combined with being open, transparent and global, creates a total different approach towards ecosystems, then we until now have known. During the panel discussion we zoom in on differences technology and region wise, sharing best practices and looking to the future trends.

Ecosystem is a complex network or interconnected system. So

  • What are the difference of that connections and what is the similar?
  • Are the goals and ways in different regions the same - or different?
  • Functions of Blockchain ecosystem, processes of ecosystems, structures of ecosystems and it connection and depending on the environment, where that ecosystem building and increasing
  • Valued ecosystem components: discussing the Blockchain ecosystem elements of the environment that has scientific, economic, social or cultural significance

Participants: People, that is strongly involved in the process of increasing Blockchain technology.

The goal of the discussion is to share the experience and talk about future possibilities for blockchain ecosystems in their network.


The conference "Blockchain Day Online" will be held
on June 22-24, 2018 at 16:00 (GMT+3)

Kyiv 16:00 (GMT+3) New York 9:00 (GMT-7) Tokyo 22:00 (GMT+9)

Thomas Labenbacher CEO & Co-Founder - Bank52, Partner in Life.SREDA Venture Capital Blockchain Fund

The Any Asset Bank

Kyiv 17:00 (GMT+3) New York 10:00 (GMT-7) Tokyo 23:00 (GMT+9)

Eugene Excavo Loza

The market survives not the strongest, but the one that adapts faster

Kyiv 17:30 (GMT+3) New York 10:30 (GMT-7) Tokyo 23:30 (GMT+9)

Glyn MacLean CEO - Red Circle Network, Founder & Owner - Blockchain Downunder, Glyn MacLean Consuling

Three easy steps to Crypto wealth. Wallet. Exchange and Mining

Kyiv 18:15 (GMT+3) New York 11:15 (GMT-7) Tokyo 00:15 (GMT+9)

Alex Gerchik Professional trader, Head of the Gerchik&Co company

Types and opportunities of trading. 10 life hacking

Kyiv 18:35 (GMT+3) New York 11:35 (GMT-7) Tokyo 00:35 (GMT+9)

David Drake Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital

What's happening to the security Exchange Commission and cryptocurrency globally. And current events

Kyiv 19:20 (GMT+3) New York 12:20 (GMT-7) Tokyo 1:20 (GMT+9)

Sergey Petrik Crypto expert, an investor, a blogger, Co-founder of the UMC marketing platform

How tokenization will change the world of messengers and how to make money on it

Kyiv 19:40 (GMT+3) New York 12:40 (GMT-7) Tokyo 1:40 (GMT+9)

Tone Vays Former vice president JP Morgan Chase, Blockchain/Bitcoin Consultant and Traditional Derivatives Trader


Kyiv 20:00 (GMT+3) New York 13:00 (GMT-7) Tokyo 2:00 (GMT+9)

Felix Mohr Blockchain Consultant, Public Speaker, ICO Expert, Crypto Community Building

What does holder need to know?

Kyiv 20:30 (GMT+3) New York 13:30 (GMT-7) Tokyo 2:30 (GMT+9)

Bruce Porter Jr. CEO and Chairman of GlobalBoost

How to distinguish more than
900 types of coins
Kyiv 16:00 (GMT+3) New York 9:00 (GMT-7) Tokyo 22:00 (GMT+9)

Panel discussion

Initial Coin Offering or Initial Community Offering? Responsible Advisers and Ethical ICO

Kyiv 17:00 (GMT+3) New York 10:00 (GMT-7) Tokyo 23:00 (GMT+9)

Artem Popov Creators, telegram channel "$10 Buffett"

Investments into ICO 2017 vs. ICO 2018. Our experience, mistakes and cases. Checklist for ICO analysis for investors without the staff of analysts and a large amount of time

Kyiv 17:30 (GMT+3) New York 10:30 (GMT-7) Tokyo 23:30 (GMT+9)

Glyn MacLean CEO - Red Circle Network, Founder & Owner - Blockchain Downunder, Glyn MacLean Consuling

Blockchain Ideation: How to come up with a great idea for an ICO

Kyiv 18:15 (GMT+3) New York 11:15 (GMT-7) Tokyo 00:15 (GMT+9)

Adam Dofman CEO & Founder - IF WHEN THEN

The Future of Jobs: Beyond Blockchain

Kyiv 18:35 (GMT+3) New York 11:35 (GMT-7) Tokyo 00:35 (GMT+9)

Yanick Dols Blockchain startap scout in Brightlands, President JCI Zuid-Limburg, founder Head-Starters Talent Management

Cryptoeconomics & Mechanism Design: How to create new incentives in a decentralized business model with your token

Kyiv 19:20 (GMT+3) New York 12:20 (GMT-7) Tokyo 1:20 (GMT+9)

Roger Ver CEO, investor


Kyiv 19:40 (GMT+3) New York 12:40 (GMT-7) Tokyo 1:40 (GMT+9)

Darren Franchescini CEO of Blockchain Technologies Consulting

What does the
consists of? Check list
Kyiv 20:30 (GMT+3) New York 13:30 (GMT-7) Tokyo 2:30 (GMT+9)

Steve Good Digital Strategist, Cryptocurrency Expert & ICO Advisor, Founder -

Product roadmap vs vision: finding the winning balance to succeed”
Kyiv 21:10 (GMT+3) New York 14:10 (GMT-7) Tokyo 3:10 (GMT+9)

Nadezhda Kopytina

Risks of investing and combining online and offline business
Kyiv 16:00 (GMT+3) New York 9:00 (GMT-7) Tokyo 22:00 (GMT+9)

Panel discussion

Building blockchain ecosystems: technology & region wise

Kyiv 17:00 (GMT+3) New York 10:00 (GMT-7) Tokyo 23:00 (GMT+9)

Glyn MacLean CEO - Red Circle Network, Founder & Owner - Blockchain Downunder, Glyn MacLean Consuling

China and the 1.4 Billion audience opportunity for ICO

Kyiv 17:30 (GMT+3) New York 10:30 (GMT-7) Tokyo 23:30 (GMT+9)

Matyas Zaborszky ICO Marketing & PR Strategic adviser, mentor, investor, entrepreneur and university lecturer

Interview about promotion blockchain fintech

Kyiv 18:15 (GMT+3) New York 11:15 (GMT-7) Tokyo 00:15 (GMT+9)

Vladimir Grytsan Co-Founder ROMAD Holding

How to write a good whitepaper

Kyiv 18:35 (GMT+3) New York 11:35 (GMT-7) Tokyo 00:35 (GMT+9)

Miko Matsumura LP at Pantera Capital, speaker, ICO advisor, investor, founder - Evercoin Exchange and venture partner - BitBull

ICO Governance, including scams and red flags

Kyiv 19:05 (GMT+3) New York 12:05 (GMT-7) Tokyo 1:05 (GMT+9)

Joshua Scigala CEO -, Techstars`17, Keynote speaker

5 tricks to attract an investor

Kyiv 19:45 (GMT+3) New York 12:45 (GMT-7) Tokyo 1:45 (GMT+9)

Jordan Jambazov Technology Lead, Open Source University, Co-founder IO Era

Application of blockchain in Education

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