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June, 8-10


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Purpose of the conference

Give an actual knowledge from firsthand and create the world's largest Blockchain community!






discussion panels


hours of questions and answers


real cases




Discussion panel
with Blockchain guru

Experts from the whole world will gather together, to discuss the latest news on the topic of the day!

+ Q&A


Practice only and only from practitioners: real cases, tools and step-by-step instructions that you can use right away.

+ Q&A

Discussion panel
with practitioners

Discussion of the pros and cons of practical tools from the previous block. The best analyze the best!

+ Q&A


Day 1 Finance
  • How to distinguish more than 900 types of coins
  • Top 10 altcoys: what, why, forecast
  • What to do when everything falls?
  • What does Holder need to know?
  • Invest by yourself or share with the fund?
  • How to protect yourself from the scum?
  • Investing in closed ICOs is possible!
  • Trading: types and opportunities
  • 10 lifehacks of trading
  • Taking money into management - yes or no
Day 2 Product
  • Areas of Blockchain technology application: where to get the idea for ICO
  • What ICO consists of. Check list
  • Developing of a demanded product: how to test the market with minimal costs
  • How to build a strong team
  • White paper – the main weapon. How to create a literate and well done in marketing way document
  • Token Sale: steps from technical details to process of organization
  • Token Sale: legal aspects
  • From the idea to the result: successful ICOs will tell how they got there
  • 20 most popular ICO errors
Day 3 Advancement
  • Packaging - 60% of the sale. Secrets of successful ICO
  • Investors: who they are and where to find them?
  • 5 tricks to attract an investor
  • Community - a new hit in promotion
  • How to live without Facebook and Google?
  • Many subscribers ≠ result. How to distinguish a real audience from a "twisted" one
  • Road Show: create your own event or invest in a popular one?
  • Advisers: instructions for use
  • Advisers: name + price = quality?

Prize fund

Increase depends on
the number of participants

7 645
At the achievement of 1 million participants


At the achievement of 500K participants

100 bitcoins

At the achievement of 100K participants

100 bitcoins cash

At the achievement of 50K participants

100 bitcoins gold

At the achievement of 40K participants

100 binance coins

At the achievement of 30K participants

100 eos coins

At the achievement of 20K participants

100 ada coins

At the achievement of 10K participants

100 ripple coins


Already in the Blockchain community

Total number of participants 191 099
Russia 9 799
Argentina 9 104
Ukraine 7 459
Japan 4 932
Switzerland 1 437
Other countries 102 437

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